Who We Are

Early 2019 a group of Lebanese security experts from various sectors had a chance to meet and share their concerns about evolved cyber security threats and their direct impact to homeland country. They volunteered to take a step further in provisioning their collaborative expertise to launch the Lebanon CERT organization.

Reported Vulnerable Systems

We recently conducted several studies to assess the overall attack surface of Lebanon. The investigation comprised 612608 IP addresses and 198354 domains. 2212 critical vulnerabilities were uncovered.


Using our intelligence tools , we accuretaly collect and share relevant data in real-time.


We collaborate broadly with all business sizes, Internet service providers, law inforcements, and academic researchers to improve cybersecurity in Lebanon, reduce the impact of cyber threats, and raise the security awareness.

Lebanon CERT Dashboard


We constantly monitor the attack surface over country wide IPv4 space and domain names.
Essentials of this process include:
a) Regular lookups for newly published vulnerabilities rated critical in the cyber security area. b) Identification of threats that affect confidentiality, integrity and availability of all enumerated systems using hyper intelligent analysis process. c) Pushing towards lowering risk levels by informing accountable owners of impacted systems to take the necessary measures.