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Lebanon Cybersecurity Empowering Research Team (CERT) Story and Mission

Story: Early 2019 a group of Lebanese security experts from various sectors had a chance to meet and share their concerns about evolved cyber security threats and their direct impact to homeland country. They volunteered to take a step further in provisioning their collaborative expertise to launch the Lebanon CERT non-profit organization. After defining a clear vision, Lebanon CERT operated immediately and developed a structured information gathering platform that investigate, identify and report on critical cyber vulnerabilities. We started with a very limited scope, but after spanning the cooperation with relevant parties in Lebanon we are now more confident of overseeing a suitable coverage.

The trust we gained is our motivation to drive for a further change in the country security culture.

Mission: Our mission is to provide a more secure cyber space and increase level of awareness among the main actors of the Lebanese society. We would maintain the relations with company’s CIRT/CERT groups and cooperate with various entities across the country – Banks, institutions in the academic sphere, public authorities, ISPs, and others.

Lebanon CERT commits to regularly monitor security weaknesses that are subject to be exposed by intruders and coordinate their remediation accordingly.

We will expose identified security risks to respective entities discreetly and in a timely manner.

Disclaimer: We are a group of Lebanese security experts who created a non-profit organization that aims to empower the cyber space in Lebanon and to spread and raise security awareness within the community against the threats that face the digital systems of the various Lebanese sectors. We are not the national Lebanon Cyber Emergency and Response Team CERT but rather research volunteers who want to take a step further in provisioning their collaborative expertise to provide a more secure digital world for public and private sectors.